Loudoun County's 8 Best Restaurants (2023)

Whether you're ordering takeout or going to a restaurant that's socially distanced, you deserve a good meal right now. Restaurants need your encouragement, why not choose the best? To guide you, check out this list of the best food vendors in Loudoun County, taken from oursThe best restaurants of 2020.

A taste of Myanmar


There's a reason the late Anthony Bourdain started writingunknown part, her beloved CNN show, and a trip to Myanmar. The cuisine of the Southeast Asian country, also known as Burma, is underrepresented in the United States, but it should be. A fusion of Indian, Chinese, Laotian and Thai traditions, the food is sometimes fiery but always comforting.

A Taste of Burma's friendly service will make you feel right at home, even if you've never had fermented tea leaf salad or spicy fish soup before. But give it a try and your first visit can quickly become one of them.

check:Embroidered tapestries and Burmese statues adorn the cozy little mall.

eat this:Yellow pea dumplings, goat curry, semolina cake

Visiting time:You want to expand your field of vision without going into a hole in the wall.

Loudoun County's 8 Best Restaurants (2)

Celebrating Rupa Vir

Ashbourne / Modern India / $$

Rupa Vira may be self-taught, but you'd never guess it when you look at her elegant gold-embellished work. When do you taste your spicy creations? There is no doubt that this woman is a chef to be reckoned with.

Creativity, bright color palettes and bold flavors dominate the artistic cuisine in this new restaurant. Vira recreates Indian classics after the journey of her creative mind. Street food like dahi puri has been reborn thanks to a modernist approach that replaces chopped vegetables with gimmicks like blueberry pearls. Yes, Vira's dishes look great, but they are even better.

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check:The purple and lavender main dining room is decorated with colorful Indian art. On the bar is a shade of light green shades.

eat this:scallop shell

Visiting time:You've been craving Indian flavors and want to dress up.

market kitchen

Leesburg / Meksiko / $$

You are lucky. Watermelons abound at the 10-acre Fairbrook Farms. Chef Jason Lage's Farm serves Cocina in the Market, as well as his other restaurants Market Table Bistro and Market Burger Fries & Shakes. But tonight the meal is Mexican. You will enjoy watermelon margarita with lime and tuna ceviche with pickled watermelon. Another night, a cranberry cake arrived from the nearby Nuts About Berries farm.

There are few places like Cocina on Market where it's wise not to eat at all on the specials list, but you'll be happy to eat menu staples like the queso funda seasoned with mushrooms and mole or the locally sourced pork carnitas Tacos are served with salsa verde, pickled pink onions and a side of jalapeño.

Experienced waiters will direct you to your favorite dishes, including desserts. Crispy fritters are delicious, served on a plate and topped with a delicate hot chocolate sauce that you can't get enough of. Luckily, it's always churros season.

check:Orange accents, colorful artwork and a light above the bar reminiscent of an agave plant set the scene indoors, or enjoy views of Leesburg from the rooftop terrace.

eat this:Ceviche, Tacos, Popečci

Visiting time:You long for a taller Mexican.


leesburg / eclectic / $$$

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We believe that food is medicine. And what better medicine than chocolate? Fortunately, it is present almost everywhere in The Conche.

There are few restaurants managed by a pastry chef like Santosh Tiptur. Few employ a master chocolatier like Sarah Dobson. That's the cocoa-fueled magic of this humble restaurant in Leesburg Village.

Chocolate dishes you've never seen before are enough to make an impression. Crispy, shiny and beautiful calamari with Fresno chili aioli and pink pickled radishes in chocolate batter. The burger's flavor is based on a deep dark chocolate BBQ sauce. Short ribs? They are in espresso chocolate sauce.

Unsurprisingly, royal desserts are mostly chocolate and they are delicious. Illanka, for example, focuses on a dark chocolate butter cake, baking a lily of the valley with chocolate buttercream and cocoa-almond streusel, then frosting it with smoked chocolate ice cream. Have fun, bathe in a chocolate fountain without cleaning. And, no doubt, you will be refreshed - and whole.

check:Historical posters of French chocolate makers adorn the walls, but the real attraction is watching the chocolatiers at work behind the large windows.

eat this:Crispy squid, harissa chicken, 伊兰卡

Visiting time:Just a little chocolate is not enough.

Conservatory at Goodstone Inn

Middleburg / Modern America / $$$$

Gourmets often think that beef tenderloin is tasteless. They were not yet at the Goodstone Inn. There, the meat is cooked to perfection, leaving only a little fat on the outside to bring out the meaty flavor in every bite. It is enhanced by the amount of rich demi-glace, enveloping every element of the dish in delicious meat. There are garden vegetables, which means colorful carrots and cauliflowers from local gardens, not faraway farms. Melt thin au gratin potato strips and cover with cheese.

This is a dish that your grandparents will love, and probably theirs too. That's what the Goodstone Inn is: elegant dining in an impressive space, with excellent service you'll hardly notice.

Splurge on the set menu, where you will enjoy four courses of the most seasonal dishes by chef Jan Van Haute. Whether it's white asparagus and mushrooms or honey-roasted peaches with green almonds and white chocolate, it's fresh perfection you'll never forget.

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check:Sit by the pool facing the neighboring farm. During the colder months, you can enjoy light meals in the glass-enclosed dining room. It's especially nice when it's raining.

eat this:The best are fixed prices that change with the season. This is the most direct way to get freshness.

Visiting time:Celebrate or spend an intimate evening with your classic-loving partner

Restoran na farmi Patomac

Lowitzville / worldwide / $$$$*

Do you want to taste the entertainment of the chef? The Patowmack Farm Pantry is stocked with local produce. Plants that could not grow in the mountains of Lovettsville come 40 miles from the restaurant. This is a chef's dream.

But their menu is not based on local tradition where it is easy to decide on the ingredients. Instead, they are self-taught every week, flying from Vietnam to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a fixed price, offering a feast for the eyes. There is no doubt that customers will be satisfied with the results because chefs love to prepare them.

check:If you're lucky enough to dine in the summer, you'll dine under a tent or in a gazebo overlooking the Potomac River. Inside, ropes of light seem like a timeless celebration.

eat this:This is the time to trust the chef. Everything at a fixed price is sure to impress.

Visiting time:It's time to treat that special foodie in your life.

Loudoun County's 8 Best Restaurants (7)

Thai sense

Ashburn / Thailand / $$

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If you're looking for the boozy noodles and curry you've been craving since childhood, or want to indulge in a cooking class in the coastal region of Chumphon, this is the restaurant for you. Fans have long flocked to Loudoun for Jeremy Ross' cocktails, but the food is worth the trip, too.

Order the Siamese platter and work up a sweat with a hearty meal built around catfish. Just mix it with sticky rice and an Old Bay-inspired Chesapeake Bay cocktail to relax. Yes, you can order pad thai, but skip the basics and opt for the chumphon crab-stuffed version or co-owner Porntipa "Pat" Pattanamekar's newer braised pork shoulder and bok choy.

check:Thai movie posters and iron roosters adorn the elegantly painted interior.

eat this:Siam Tray, Pad Thai, Thai Creme Brulee

Visiting time:You are waiting for a hot Thai night.

Loudoun County's 8 Best Restaurants (8)

tuscarola plant

Leesburg / Modern America / $$$

For more than a century, people have flocked to the charming space known locally as Tuskie's. The Tuscarora Mill opened in 1899 as a grist mill. Although the reel no longer turns and the scale no longer measures the weight of the grain, the building still serves the same purpose - to feed the community.

It starts with a drink. The extensive cocktail list includes just four mojitos. (We love Strawberry Ginger Basil.) Other options include classic whiskeys like the Old-Fashioned and the Sweet Baby Rye—a whiskey infused with peach and maple and flavored with walnut bitters.

It's enough to make you almost forget about food, but no. From roasts to delicious desserts, you're sure to leave full - and a little tipsy.

check:Antique mill equipment clearly shows that this historic building was once as busy as it is today.

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eat this:Roasted duck breast, roast beef and scallops, toffee bread pudding

Visiting time:An age where drinks are just as important as main dishes

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