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Banking Application Test Cases or Banking Application Testing Scenarios or Banking Applicationstest case:In this article, we will learn how to write test cases for a banking application in an Excel spreadsheet. In our previous post we also had Amazon Search Functional Test Case Template. Each bank has its own remittance process.

Therefore, it is difficult to promote traffic to all banks. So I'm trying to create a process that most banks probably have in their remittance process. Depending on the type of bank you use, you may find many differences.

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But before you start writing test cases for a banking application, you should know the following:

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What is Internet banking?

In online banking, customers and organizations in need use an electronic method to transfer funds through web applications. Currently, in the 21st century, most people transfer money this way because it's faster and you don't have to wait in long lines for a single transaction.

Using this method, you can perform various money transfer operations related to receiving money, paying bills and many other operations.

Similar test cases

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Banking Applications Test Cases in Excel Spreadsheets and PDF 2022 (2023) (1)

  • Test case for text field
  • Test case for text box
  • Test case for tool description
  • Test cases for web elements
  • Web file upload test case
  • Test case for website URL
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However, when working on any banking application, developers and testers ensure that the application runs smoothly on all browsers and devices. Web applications are also protected from all cyber threats without performance degradation during peak loads.

Banking Applications Test Cases in Excel Spreadsheets and PDF 2022 (2023) (2)

Banking application testing

When testing any banking application, QA experts prioritize several areas:

  • function test:All modules work as expected (as independent elements and after merging all individual modules)
  • Test usability:Most of the time people who use banking applications are not skilled computer users. So, for them, the form must be clear and have a user interface.
  • Performance testing:Since this is developed for users, the performance of the application should be faster. And the app should work well on multiple platforms.
  • Security test:Just like using a banking app, people will use it to send money. So that is one of the prioritiesAn organization's task to develop applications in a manner that conforms to standard security guidelines.

Therefore, in this post we will discuss the natural flow of a banking application through some basic scenarios:

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Test steps for bank transactions

Therefore, here are the necessary steps that we follow while performing any money transfer operation:

  • Go to the login page on the bank's website.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Go to the remittance page.
  • Add the recipient you want to transfer money to.
  • Check your bank account and personal information. Make sure they are correct.
  • Choose a specific money transfer method from NEFT/RTGS or SWIFT transfer options.
  • Select a username and funds, then submit the details.
  • View the amount and other details on the confirmation page.
  • Click Submit for the final funds transfer operation.

Whatever steps you see above, that's the basic flow we've covered here. Maybe if you go to another region it might be different than the above.

For example, some of you may have SMS authentication before sending money. It's likely that some of you have other ways to verify recipient information to avoid sending money to the wrong person. But having said that, the process is almost the same for most banks.

Another different process followed by different banks, perhaps when you add a payee, any field you see in the image below may differ from bank to bank. So the image below shows the number of fields you can check and write test cases for them.

Banking Applications Test Cases in Excel Spreadsheets and PDF 2022 (2023) (3)

If you add test cases to each page, there will be many test cases covering the basic aspects of testing.

Test scenario for transferring money from the banking application

  • Check the bank's websiteurl.
  • Make sure the URL of the bank's website contains HTTPS in the address bar and in the URL.
  • Check your bank's website for fake login pages.
  • Make sure the bank login page has a username and password.
  • Make sure the username and password are accepted.
  • Check if SMS authentication is triggered after login.
  • After the entire authentication process, check if the user is redirected to the dashboard.
  • Check if the user has access to the online money transfer feature.
  • Check if the user's funds transfer option is available during the specified time period (9 am to 5 pm).
  • Check if the fund transfer option shows a warning for transactions outside of business hours.
  • Make sure users can add recipients.
  • Check if the recipient information can be verified.
  • Check if your fund transfer options allow NEFT or RTGS options for nationalized remittances.
  • Check the funds transfer page for recipient name, IFSC code, bank name, amount of funds and purpose of transfer.
  • If the fund amount is more than 50k, check if the fund transfer page asks for PAN number.
  • Make sure the funds transfer page has 2-step verification before completing the transfer.
  • Check whether interbank funds transfers are currently taking place.
  • Check the time it takes to transfer funds between business hours.
  • Check the time it takes to transfer funds between business hours.
  • Confirmation that the transfer amount notification has been sent to the sender and recipient.
  • Be sure to remit the amount exactly to the person listed in the Recipient.

Besides this stream, there are some other scenarios; moreover, we are now added to this post. I hope this also gave you an idea how to write banking application test cases.

Banking Application Test Case - Online Banking Application

  • Verify that the user can log in with a valid username and password
  • Ensure users can perform basic financial transactions
  • Ensure users can add recipients with valid names and account details
  • Check if the user can perform financial transactions for the added user
  • Make sure the user can add decimal numbers to the value (limited to 2 digits)
  • Make sure the user cannot add negative numbers to the value field.
  • Ensure that users can only transfer money if the account balance is sufficient.
  • Confirmation checks to verify financial transactions
  • Users of checks receive confirmation of receipt after a successful financial transaction.
  • Ensure that users can send money to more people
  • Make sure the user has permission to change the password
  • Current account information also reflects financial transactions.
  • Checks that users with invalid passwords are not allowed to login.
  • Checks if the user should be locked out after repeated login attempts with an incorrect password (subject to restrictions).
  • Check if the timeout feature is implemented
  • Make sure the username or password is empty and the user is not allowed to login. Users should also receive alerts.

Manual Test Cases for Banking Application - Admin

  • Verify that administrators can log in with valid credentials and cannot log in with invalid credentials.
  • Check if the administrator can login without valid test data.
  • Check out all the application links for the admin role.
  • Make sure administrators can change passwords with valid information and not allow changes with invalid information.
  • Make sure that recently used test data cannot be reused.
  • Verify that the administrator can successfully log in.

Banking application test case - new branch

  • Check You can create a new branch with valid data.
  • Check for invalid data. You cannot add branches.
  • Check to try to create a new branch with existing test data.
  • Verify that the undo, cancel, and submit buttons work as expected.
  • Attempt to update branch details with valid and invalid test data.
  • Try updating the branch data with the test data.
  • Update the branch data with the existing test branch data
  • Make sure the cancel button is working.
  • Checks whether deleting branches with and without dependencies is allowed.
  • Check if users should be able to search and find affiliates.

Test Cases for Banking Application in Excel Spreadsheet - New Features

Now let's look at some example test cases for a banking application that adds new features.

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  • Make sure you can create a new function with valid data.
  • See if you can create test data without test data.
  • Validate new features using existing test data
  • Check the role description and role type.
  • Check to cancel and perform the job as expected.
  • Checks if functions without dependencies can be dropped.
  • Verify that all connections for the new role work as expected.

Let us know if you want to add more points. Now let's move on to other test cases of the banking application for customers and visitors.

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Test Cases for Banking Application in Excel Spreadsheet - Customers and Visitors

  • Verify that all links in the Customers and Visitors modules work as expected.
  • Verify that all users can log in with their valid credentials.
  • Make sure the client can't log in with an invalid date.
  • Ask the number after account access is unsuccessful; therefore, the user's account must be blocked or not blocked on that day.

Banking Application Test Case - Add New User

  • Make sure you can add a new user with valid information.
  • Verify that the correct confirmation message is displayed by entering invalid information.
  • The check after adding the user should show the correct branch information.
  • Verify that all connections work as expected.
  • Check that all buttons work as expected.
  • A validation message will be displayed when invalid information is entered while updating user information.
  • Check for a warning message when the submit button is clicked during the update without changing any details.
  • Verify that the user exclusion feature works as expected.

Banking application PDF Test Case - New account

  • Check all required fields and their validation messages.
  • Check all the optional fields and their corresponding confirmation messages.
  • Check after filling in all the required fields, press submit and check if the new user has been added.
  • After you deposit the amount into the account, check if the updated balance is displayed.
  • Check if the user can withdraw the amount.
  • Check if the balance is updated after withdrawing the amount.
  • Check all entered information displayed in the user profile section.
  • If it's a secondary account, make sure the primary account is listed.
  • If it's a checking account, make sure the company information is listed.
  • If it's a joint account, make sure proof is attached.
  • Zero current accounts are kept on salary accounts.
  • Make sure you keep your non-earning account balance at zero or below the minimum balance.

Test case for bank account number field

To test the bank account number field, just follow the steps below.

Bank account number: SSSSXXNNNNNNNN (eg 35010100008033)

  • SSSS- The first four digits of your account number are the Service Point ID [SOL ID]
  • XX - The fifth and sixth digits of your account number indicate the type of plan (01-09).

The different types of schemes are:

01 – Saving,
02 - Current account
03 - Term deposit
04 - Special examination
05 – Cash loan
06 - Loans
07 - Packaging credit
08 - Internal accounts
09 - Foreign letters
81 – FI account under SB 150

NNNNNNNN – The remaining -8 digits represent the current serial number.

Example of bank account number field test

  • Check the Accounting field by entering a valid account number.
  • Check the accounting field by entering an invalid account number.
  • Check the account number field by entering an account number greater than 14 digits.
  • Check the account number field by entering an account number with less than 14 digits.
  • Confirm the account number by entering 14 zeros.
  • Make sure accounting fields allow letters and special characters.
  • Verify the account number field by entering an alphanumeric value.
  • Make sure the account number field allows blank values.
  • Check for warning messages by entering an invalid account number.
  • Check if a message appears when the user enters an account number that does not exist.
  • Make sure the user has permission to paste the account number into the account number field.
  • Check this when a user enters closed accounts.
  • Check this when the user enters an account number with spaces in between.

in conclusion

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I hope we have covered the basic testing scenarios for a banking application. Going through the above scenario, if you find missing test cases in your banking application, you can mention them in the comment section.

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How to write test cases for banking application? ›

3. Test Cases for Customers and Bankers
  1. Check if all visitor and customer links are working properly.
  2. Double-check the customer's login with valid and invalid test data.
  3. Check the customer's login without any data.
  4. Check the banker login without any data.
  5. Check the banker's login with valid or invalid test data.
Jun 30, 2022

How do you write test scenarios and test cases in Excel sheet? ›

Follow these steps to create a simple and effective test case template in Excel:
  1. Step 1: Create Headers For The Columns. ...
  2. Step 2: Create Rows For Each Test Case ID. ...
  3. Step 3: Document The Results in The Test Case Row. ...
  4. Test Case ID. ...
  5. Test Case Description. ...
  6. Test Steps. ...
  7. Expected Results. ...
  8. Actual Results.

How do I create a test case in Excel? ›

How to Write Test Cases in an Excel Sheet
  1. Test Case ID: Test Case ID will be the test case number of story number in JIRA.
  2. Test Case Description: The description will be a short description of the functionality.
  3. Assumptions: Assumptions should be mentioned in the assumptions columns if any.
Jan 3, 2022

What is functional testing of banking applications? ›

Banking Domain Testing is a software testing process of a banking application for functionality, performance, and security. The main purpose of testing banking application is to ensure that all the activities and functionalities of a banking software run smoothly with no errors and it remains protected.

What are some examples of test cases? ›

Let's explore some more test case types and examples:
  • functionality.
  • UI.
  • integration.
  • performance.
  • usability.
  • database.
  • user acceptance.
  • exploratory.
Feb 1, 2022

How many test cases can you write in a day? ›

41) How many test cases can we run in a day? We can run around 30-55 test cases per day.

What is the difference between test case and test scenario? ›

The main difference between test cases and test scenarios is that test cases are specific instructions that can be used to test a particular function or feature of an application, while test scenarios are high-level descriptions of how a specific function or feature of an application should work.

What is the test case template? ›

It is a document that outlines the steps, inputs, and expected results for a specific test scenario. A test case template is used to plan and organize software testing efforts, ensuring that all necessary test cases are executed and that any defects are identified and tracked.

How do you write a test case template? ›

Follow the below-given steps to write the test cases.
  1. Step 1 – Test Case ID. Each test case should be illustrated by a unique ID. ...
  2. Step 2 – Test Case Description. ...
  3. Step 3 – Pre-Conditions. ...
  4. Step 4 – Test Steps. ...
  5. Step 5 – Test Data. ...
  6. Step 6 – Expected Result. ...
  7. Step 7 – Post Condition. ...
  8. Step 8 – Actual Result.

What are the different types of testing in banking? ›

Here, we offer you to have a look at the types of software testing that are of primary importance in the context of banking app testing:
  • Functional Testing. ...
  • Database Testing. ...
  • Performance Testing. ...
  • Security Testing. ...
  • Usability testing. ...
  • Accessibility testing. ...
  • Compliance testing.
Dec 27, 2022

How do you test financial applications? ›

Testing financial applications involves gathering and analysing requirements, developing a comprehensive test plan, designing test cases, executing tests and documenting results, tracking and managing defects, conducting user acceptance testing, performance testing, security testing, and regression testing to ensure ...

How do I download all test cases from ALM to Excel? ›

To export test cases:
  1. From the Explorer Tree, select the set or folder for the test cases that you want to export. ...
  2. Select List View.
  3. Select the gear icon to open a drop-down menu and select what you want to include in the Excel spreadsheet.
  4. In the toolbar, select Export > Export to Excel.
Mar 13, 2023

What is core banking testing? ›

Core banking testing can prove that the financial systems are running on a secure and balanced infrastructure, especially during peak hours. The financial transactions that are performed within the core banking system need to be secure from any attempt to break-in. This can be ensured by the testing process.

Can we write test cases in ALM? ›

ALM Complete allows you to link requirements to project plans, test cases, defects and more.

What are the main 5 required elements of a test case? ›

The components of a test case include:
  • Test name. A title that describes the functionality or feature that the test is verifying.
  • Test ID. ...
  • Objective. ...
  • References. ...
  • Prerequisites. ...
  • Test setup. ...
  • Test steps. ...
  • Expected results.

Which test cases are good test cases? ›

Good test cases have…
  • A clear objective with refined scope. ...
  • Obvious and meaningful pass/fail verifications. ...
  • Clear and concise documentation. ...
  • Traceability to requirements. ...
  • Reusability. ...
  • Independence from other test cases while testing one thing. ...
  • Permutations taken into account by the test case designer.

What is the best practice for test cases? ›

5 Best Practices for Writing Manual Test Cases
  1. Keep it simple and consistent. It's not only about what you write; it's also about how you write it. ...
  2. Start with a good test scenario. ...
  3. Only be as specific as needed. ...
  4. But know when to be precise. ...
  5. Encourage exploration.

How much time is required to write a test case? ›

For example, it takes about two to three days to build and review a simple test plan without test cases. Creating one test case usually takes about 10 minutes. The more test cases your product needs, the more time you should estimate for their development. However, not all projects require full test case coverage.

How do you calculate the number of test cases? ›

Number of Test Cases = (Number of Function Points) × 1.2

Once you have the number of test cases, you can take productivity data from organizational database and arrive at the effort required for testing.

What are the two main categories of software testing? ›

Though there are different types of software testing in practice but, the two major categories are Functional and Non-functional types of testing along with manual, utomated and system programming testing types.

How does a test plan look like? ›

A Test Plan is a detailed document that catalogs the test strategies, objectives, schedule, estimations, deadlines, and resources required to complete that project. Think of it as a blueprint for running the tests needed to ensure the software is working correctly – controlled by test managers.

What is high level scenarios in testing? ›

A test scenario is a high-level document that defines the functionality to be tested from beginning to end. For evaluating all of an application's functionality, test cases contain specified test procedures, data, and expected results. It emphasizes "what to test" rather than "how to test."

What is the test case life cycle? ›

Conclusion. The software testing life cycle can be described as a systematic and sequential way of conducting software testing. It consists of six distinct stages: requirement analysis, test planning, test case development, test environment setup, test execution, and test cycle closure.

What is an example of a failing test case? ›

An example failing test case would be tbug:{(4000000, 170000), false}, where averageSales is 4000000, current salary is 170000, and the return value is true (expected to be false).

Is there any tool to write test cases? ›

Answer: There are several test management tools such as TestRail, PractiTest, QTest, Zephyr, etc. and are good for writing test cases.

What is a real life example of manual testing? ›

A real-world example would be a driver pressing the hazard lights button in their car and observing both that: a) the hazard lights begin to toggle, and b) that the indicator lights on the instrument cluster are illuminated. Finally, manual testing is done during the development phase by the team writing the software.

How do you write a simple scenario? ›

The best way to write concrete scenarios is to present a problem situation, provide some clues for the learners to identify, and then provide the answer. However, keep in mind the challenge should not overwhelm the learners to the extent that they abstain from putting any effort to find the solution.

What is an example sentence for scenario? ›

Example Sentences

A possible scenario would be that we move to the city. The most likely scenario is that he goes back to school in the fall. The best-case scenario would be for us to finish the work by tomorrow. In the worst-case scenario, we would have to start the project all over again.

What is a test script with example? ›

Test scripts are a line-by-line list of all the activities that must be performed and tested on various user journeys. It lays down each action to be followed, along with the intended outcomes. The testers may then test each step on a variety of devices in a methodical manner.

What are the four 4 basic testing methods? ›

It is important that everybody understands this. There are generally four recognized levels of testing: unit/component testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.

Which mock test are best for banking? ›

Best Test Series for Bank Exams 2022
  • Guidely Mock Test Series Links. Olive board:– This test series contains all types of updated model questions. ...
  • Oliveboard Mock Test Series Link. ...
  • Practice Mock Test Series Link. ...
  • ByjusExamPrep Mock Test Series Link.

What are test bank questions? ›

A test bank is a collection of exam questions and answers that instructors use to assess their students' knowledge and understanding of a subject or course material.

How do I get domain knowledge in banking? ›

The banking domain concepts include agency functions performed like managing payables, checks collection, portfolio management etc. Also, the other subpart termed as utility function is provided to customers like demand drafts, locker facility, underwriting and reporting etc.

What are the most commonly used tools for financial analysis answer? ›

Commonly used tools of financial analysis are: Comparative statements, Common size statements, trend analysis, ratio analysis, funds flow analysis, and cash flow analysis.

What is a finance test? ›

Financial reasoning tests involve questions that require financial knowledge such as looking at business statements, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. Like numerical reasoning tests, questions will include data in graphs, tables, and text format.

What is the basic requirements banking? ›

The minimum qualification needed for a job in Banking is a bachelor's degree in Commerce or Management-related specialisation. Further for banking jobs, you will have to study quantitative aptitude, general awareness, reasoning, English and basic computer skills to ace bank exams!

What are the basic functionalities of a bank? ›

All banks have to perform two major primary functions namely:
  • Accepting of deposits.
  • Granting of loans and advances.

What are the core functionalities of a bank? ›

Core banking covers basic depositing and lending of money. Core banking functions will include transaction accounts, loans, mortgages and payments. Banks make these services available across multiple channels like automated teller machines, Internet banking, mobile banking and branches.

How do you practice test case writing? ›

5 Best Practices for Writing Manual Test Cases
  1. Keep it simple and consistent. It's not only about what you write; it's also about how you write it. ...
  2. Start with a good test scenario. ...
  3. Only be as specific as needed. ...
  4. But know when to be precise. ...
  5. Encourage exploration.

What does a good test case look like? ›

Typically, test cases should be small, isolated and atomic. Test cases should be easy to understand and steps should be executed fast. They should independent with each other & fail/pass independently from one another. Fairly, each good test should have defined its expected result.

What is test case template? ›

It is a document that outlines the steps, inputs, and expected results for a specific test scenario. A test case template is used to plan and organize software testing efforts, ensuring that all necessary test cases are executed and that any defects are identified and tracked.

What is a real life example of software testing? ›

An example of a real-world scenario that could be covered by a unit test is a checking that your car door can be unlocked, where you test that the door is unlocked using your car key, but it is not unlocked using your house key, garage door remote, or your neighbour's (who happen to have the same car as you) key.

What is the difference between test scenario and test case? ›

The main difference between test cases and test scenarios is that test cases are specific instructions that can be used to test a particular function or feature of an application, while test scenarios are high-level descriptions of how a specific function or feature of an application should work.

Which test cases are written first? ›

Generally, black box test cases are written first and white box test cases later. To write black box test cases we need the requirement documents and design or project plan. All these documents are easily available in the earlier phase of the development.

What are the 5 testing methods? ›

There are many different types of testing, but for this article we will stick to the core five components of testing:
  • 1) Unit Tests. ...
  • 2) Integration/System Tests. ...
  • 3) Functional Tests. ...
  • 4) Regression Tests. ...
  • 5) Acceptance Tests.
Jun 6, 2017


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